Swiss Made Rolex Yachtmaster Replica

This Rolex Yachtmaster Replica complication is unique to the Hunting Watch 3006 by Rolex. To make it easy to read, the moonlight display is placed at 6 o¡¯clock. It has a luminous symbol that makes it visible even in darkness. This additional function is important because hunters need clear vision to hunt successfully. They also need the right lighting. The right lighting conditions are important for stalking and hunting. Federal hunting law in Germany (Bundesjagdgesetz), prohibits hunting using artificial light sources. To hunt certain types of game night-time, you must have sufficient natural lighting from the moonlight.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, place the rolex yacht master swiss replica dial horizontally so that the 12-hour hand points towards the sun. The 24-hour hand points towards the north.

The rolex yacht master 40 replica rotating bezel has a connection to the bead blast case. The watch's professional look is aided by its Black Hard Coating, which was applied to the watch using TEGIMENT Technology.

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