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Rolex Milgauss Replica works in a world where functionality is the key to design, and every detail is a showcase for the innovative technology behind it. The company was founded in 1961 and has been focusing on high-quality mechanical watches that combine a traditional sense for quality with innovative solutions. This has led to the constant use of completely new materials for watchmaking. We presented the first watch made of 22-carat gold in 1995. It had a material hardness comparable to stainless steel (220HV). German Submarine Steel was first used in diving watches in 2005. Our limited-edition 1800 S Damaszener, a 100-piece edition, was launched in 2016. It marked the first time that the traditional material was made suitable for watches. Our 1800 Damaszener, made from real forge-welded Damascus Steel and limited to 100 pieces, perfectly continues this tradition.

This watch displays an individuality that is evident in its appearance and design. The watch's unique texture of Damascus Steel - an organic pattern with alternating bands light and dark - was enhanced by the fact that the dial and central portion of the case are forged from one piece of steel, rather than being made up of separate parts as is usual. It is quite remarkable, as the Damascus pattern that runs across the entire case creates a stunning and impressive whole. We have made the case extremely scratch-resistant with Tegiment Technology. Damascus Steel has been a fascination for humankind for many centuries. It is best known for its ability to make blades, knives, and swords. Damascus is a mixture of at least two types of steel that has been layered to form the aforesaid design.

rolex milgauss z blue replica is a traditional craft that requires a lot of precision and skill. The different steel types are then layered and forge-welded together during production. The piece is then forge-welded together, then forged and halved in a glowing state before being layered again. This is known as "folding" by experts. A new type of steel can be created by combining hard and soft steels. It has the ability to combine both of these properties. The Damascus design is visible during the final stage. Acid dissolves the steels to different degrees, forming the usual light and dark nuances.

Final surface etching also reveals the layers of the 1800 Damaszener, giving it its distinctive appearance. Each 1800 Damaszener is an exceptional and unique timepiece because the flow of lines can't be physically altered.

The crown, the bow, and pin buckle are other special features made of this combination high-grade stainless steels.

It is important to note that replica milgauss rolex is not a good choice for watch cases due to its high corrosion resistance. Two types of high-grade stainless metal - each one of which can be used as an implant steel separately - have been forge-welded together to provide a professional solution to the 1800 Damaszener. This is because the highest-quality compound steels require the best raw materials. The result is a steel that is extremely anticorrosive. Balbachdamast, our long-standing partner, guarantees the watch's precision and quality craftsmanship. Balbachdamast's specialists have been perfecting this forging technique over the past 2,000 years, allowing us proudly to present the perfect Damascus Steel watch.

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