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The Rolex Daytona Replica, as it was known originally by the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) during the 1960s, which was only sold in very limited numbers during the 1980s/early 1990s, is now one the most sought-after collection's watches in our company.

Helmut Rolex, the founder of the company, purchased phased-out inventory from the Bundeswehr (Heuer-Leonidas SA1550 SG, abbreviated to Heuer 1550SG) and sold them after reconditioning. The dial was labeled 'Bundeswehr Chronograph For Pilots', model 155 Bw. These pilot watches featured a Valjoux230 hand-wound chronograph mechanism and a pilot's watch.

We trusted the replica rolex daytona automatic-calibre SW 510 by Sellita for the movement. This allows for a horizontal bicompax division with central stopwatch-second display. It is true to the historical model. The seconds display is at 9 o¡¯clock, and the stopwatch minute display is at 3 o¡¯clock.

The buy replica rolex movement has a date display at 6:20 o'clock. Brilliant red is used for the stopwatch's seconds and minutes hands. The luminous white coating on the numerals, hour, and minute hands ensures maximum readability in dark conditions. Rolex 158 can withstand low pressure up to 10 bar.

These best rolex daytona replica will be produced in 500 pieces, each one with an engraved limited edition marking.

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